New Login portal

In order to improve our client’s experience we have updated  the way they are able to access project related information. From now on, they will be using the new Login portal which is available via our website’s Practice section.  We are doing away with password protected pages and requesting an email address to download information.  We will provide each client with a unique Username and a Password for accessing the published project packages in a much streamlined and personalised way.


Making project information available whenever needed to clients and the wider project team is a part of the add-on features they are entitled to enjoy when becoming our clients.  We know that electronic communications and email information are vital in today’s fast moving world.  On the other hand, when it comes to sharing important documents, large amount of data or drawings, email attachments are not reliable. Therefore, by using the client portal we make sure clients are able to find this vital information easily, reliably and 24/7. Thus, no need to browse through hundreds of emails in your inbox to find the latest set of drawings -simply find them a few clicks away on our online portal!


We will keep published information available from publication until the end of the project’s rectification period.